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Fan of the week - Martina Cernak
Date of birth: 18/08/1992
Country: Argentina
Ocupation: Student
Favorite Novela: Black pearl, Soda vender of my life, Antonella & Save me Maria
Favorite co-star: Gabriel Corrado & Dady Brieva
A movie: 100 times I shouldn't
Favorite Song: El amor
Colection: Celeste, Antonella, Perla Negra, Soda vender of my life & Save me Maria on dvd, almost all of her movies, music and many many magazines!
Meetings with Andrea: Last year I went to High School, but on the show that Andrea wasn't on. This year I was planning on going to Mother of the year but it ended before I had gone on a vacation.
Internet page: http://andreadelboca.blogspot.com in this page you can see the video, where a friend of mine saw Andrea and she told me hello!
FanHistory: The first thing I ever saw was The soda vender but I don't have many memories because I was very young and later I was hitched by Save me Maria which I loved, since then I follow her on everything! Beside from being an amazing actress, that moves you, making you shed a tear or smile! She is amazing as a human being. The peace of mind she gives me, when I have a bad day all I have to do is put on a movie or a novela and it goes away. Her ability to defend her child! and the possibility to meet great people from different parts of the world with different cultures sharing the love for Andrea!
Want to be next weeks's fan?
Write to info@delboca.net

Fan of last week - Martin Rodriguez
Date of birth: 23/04/81
Country: Argentina City: Gualeguay
Ocupation: Professor of Visual Art
Favorite Novela: Celeste, Siempre Celeste
Favorite co-star: Gabriel Corrado
A movie: Funes, a great love
Favorite Song: all of them
Colection: Antonella's book signed by Andrea, a photo also signed by her, many magazines, the telenovelas Perla Negra, Zingara, Salvame Maria, Papa Corazon, Andrea Celeste, Gladiadores in DVD, all the movies and many pictures.
Meetings with Andrea: In 2007 at the program HSM, the selection, I saw her for the first time. This year in Mother of the year I was able to be with her and talk to her about everything. Without a doubt the happiest momento of my life.

Internet page: Andrea's blog: http://andreadelboca.blogspot.com and the Yahoo! group www.grupodelboca.com.ar.
FanHistory: fan of Andrea since 1993 when I saw her for the first time in Celeste Siempre Celeste. I was little and from then I started to follow her career. Later I started to collect material and thanks to the internet I was abale to meet many people all around the world that share it with me. Thanks to this medium I was also able to get Andrea to know all my love and admiration towards her.

Marisol Rodriguez Alvarez
Date of birth: 28/08/82    
Country: Argentina
Ocupation: Translator
Favorite Novela: Black pearl
Favorite co-star: Gabriel Corrado
A movie: Appearances
Favorite Song: For this love (para este amor)
Colection: Movies, episodes of telenovela, interviews, photos, her music.
Meetings with Andrea: In the year 2000 at the entrance of channel 13, in 2001 at Pol-ka, during 2004 in Mirtha Legrand & Dominico. 2005 Presentation of Save me Maria. 2007. HSM, the selection. 2008. Mother of the year.
Internet page: www.fotolog.com/sol_adelbocafan / http://www.metroflog.com/adelboca_lamama.
FanHistory: When I was 7 I watched Celeste with my grandmother, then came Antonella and little by little I because a fan of Andrea. She is excelent!!! I follow her in everything!!! I love her very much!!!

Liran Ben Meir
Date of birth: 15/07/85    
Country: Israel
Ocupation: Student of Communications & Sociology
Favorite Novela: Black pearl
Favorite co-star: Gabriel Corrado
A movie: 100 times I shouldn't
Favorite song: For this love (para este amor)
colection: El libro de Antonella firmado por el autor Enrique Torres, 2 autografos, varias revistas, especialmente las antiguas de los 70, grabaciones completas desde Celeste hasta El sodero, Los discos originales de El Amor y Te Amo, Video original de Dias de Ilusion....
Meetings with Andrea: I saw her during the fan meeting in her hotel in Israel in 1999, where I had the oportunity to ask her questions and hug her. During my trip to Argentina I had the chance to see her coming out of the HSM movie premiere, and during the taping of HSM, the selection.
Me at the fan meeting in Israel in 1999:

Andrea coming out of the premiere of HSM 2 on the 14th of September:

Many photos I took during the taping of High School Musical, the selection On September 20th:
Andrea Del Boca
Internet page: I'm the administrator of this site. Including the old version, it has been online since March 17th 2000.
FanHistory: I'm a fan of since the first time I saw her in Antonella, when I was 9 years old. With every episode, every telenovela I loved her more. Basically I grew up acompanied by her characters. For me Andrea is pure emotion. I started admiring her is an actress, and now I admire her as a person, a woman and a mother. Thanks to my admiratior I had the privilage to meet incredible people from around the world. Plus, I got to know the Argentinian culture, which is now a big passion of mine.