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Andrea Del Boca 13.08.08 - The premiere of "A boyfriend for my wife"
Andrea was one of many celebrities that came to support Adrian Suar in the premiere of his new move "A boyfriend for my wife" with Valeria Bertucelli.
Photo: Veronica Guerman
Source: Puroshow
Gabriel Corrado 12.08.08 - Gabriel Corrado in MI
Gabriel Corrado was interviewed on the morning show "Mananas Informales". Gabriel talked about how much fun he and Andrea had while filming Perla Negra & Zingara. He mentioned the wonderful time they had in Spain, Italy and Israel. Also, he said that he had met with Andrea's father recently about Perla Negra 2.
Andrea Del Boca 12.08.08 - Andrea & Osvaldo?
Acording to Cronica, Adrian Suar has offered Osvaldo Laport to star in a show with Andrea Del Boca, who wants to return to acting. The shooting will start on 2009, so for now nothing is confirmed.
Source: Cronica - La Pavada
Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca 19.07.08 - The grand finale of "Mother of the year"

Today was the final show of "Mother of the year", the program hosted by Andrea del Boca, a show dedicated to mothers, showing their everyday struggle, and at the same time, to surprise and be honored by their children.
The show, produced by Endemol, closed the season with the election of the "mother of the year" among 6 participants.
Finally, the big winner - that got 37% of the public votes - was the young Victoria Moreira, which won a house. With just 15 years, shw has a child, whom she's raising by herselft, because her partner abandoned her.
During this emotional show, Andrea was accompanied by her mother Ana Maria and her little daughter Anna.
The host also recieved emotional messages from some of the mothers, who participated in the program, many of whom thanked her for the oportunity they've recieved at that space.
The sorprise came at the hands of Adrian Suar. The director of programing of Chanel 13 congratulated Andrea by telephone. Both of them remembered the fun moments shared while filming the movie "Apariencias". Suar also stated publicly his afection towards her, and expressed that "I don't want you to leave the channel, I want you to say just 'see you soon'".
Andrea commented that "It would be a great pleasure coming back to Pol-ka, going back to acting when I'm celebrating 40 years of profession. You have brought me to a human field which is hosting, you've trusted in me (...) it was a great oportunity". Suar added that "in name of the channel 13 family we wou'ld like to thank you because it has been a great experience".

Source: Primicas Ya
Andrea Del Boca 19.07.08 - "I don't want you to leave the channel"
In an afternoon full of emotion, especially because of the presence on set of her dauther Anna, Andrea del Boca recieved live the missing call: that of Adrian Suar, during the last show of "Mother of the year". "I don't want you leaving the channel, it has been a pleause counting on your presence. This experience has been great, especially because of you simpathy and because of the good person you are", said the director of programaing of channel 13, who finaly said goodbye with "We'll talk next week". The program had just over 7 points of rating, keeping the ususual points of the last period.
Source: Puroshow
Andrea Del Boca 19.07.08 - La Nacion: The mother of the year said goodbye

Andrea Del Boca concluded her program with the visit of her mother and with the selection of the winning mother of the year. With 2 shows, where the tears of emotion where just like one of the episodes from her telenovelas, Andrea Del Boca said goodbye to the little screen with "Mother of the year" , the show she hosted from january on Channel 13 ....
The full article in spanish here
Source: La Nacion
Andrea Del Boca 17.07.08 - Ana Maria Del Boca in "Mother of the year"
With rating of 7.4 points, while "The simpson" won with 13 on Telefe and "Intrusos" & "Profesionales" marked 7.6 & 6.3 respectively, Andrea del Boca showed her emotion at the pre-last show of "Mother of the year", where for the very first time, she was able to interview infront of the camaras her own mother. "You never failed me being a single mother, exactly because of this reason, because you're a mother and there is no greater feeling in the world", confessed Ana Maria infront of her daughter, while adding "many years ago I had 2 options: keep working and raise my 3 children or dedicate my all to the upbringing of the three. And so I left everything, dancing, the magazine, everything".
Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca Andrea Del Boca
Source: Puroshow
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