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Andrea Del Boca was born on the 18th of October at 5:30 o'clock in the morning in the "San Camilo" clinic in Buenos Aires - Argentina.
At the age of almost 4 she made her first appearance on television in the series "NUESTRA GALLEGUITA" in which she played the role of a deaf and dumb girl. The one who wanted her to play that part was her godfather that was a great producer. At first Andrea's father didn't want his daughter to be in Show Business but with the help of Andrea's mother he finally agreed. And so, Andrea made her first step on TV.
Since then Andrea has made a remarkable amount of tv programs and movies. Among her movies as a child were: "HABIA UNA VEZ UN CIRCO", "ANDREA", "PININA QUIERE A PAPA", "PAPA CORAZON SE QUIERE CASAR", "UN MUNDO DE AMOR" and "DIAS DE ILUSION". As a grown-up she has made: "100 VECES NO DEBO", "QUIERO GRITAR QUE TE AMO", "FUNES, UN GRAN AMOR", "PEPERINA" and the latest "APARIENCIAS".
Andy (that's how she's called by her close ones) was a prodigy girl. She was most known by the name Pinina, which is the name of the character she played in the telenovela "PAPA CORAZON".

The telenovelas were the main cause of her becoming so famous. They were shown all over the world such as Israel, Italy, USA, many arab states and a lot of other countries. Here is a list of her telenovelas: "PAPA CORAZON", "PININA QUIERE A PAPA", "ANDREA CELESTE", "SENORITA ANDREA", "LOS CIEN DIAS DE ANA", "ESTRELLITA MIA", "CELESTE", "ANTONELLA", "CELESTE SIEMPRE CELESTE", "PERLA NEGRA", "ZINGARA" and "MIA SOLO MIA".

That is why Andrea is known as the queen of spanish television and especially of telenovelas.

Andrea's family: Almost all the members of the family worked with Andrea in many of her telenovelas: Andrea's father (Nicolas) is the director, Andrea's sister (Anabella) is her dresser, her sister's husband (Enrique torres) is the writer and her mother (Ana Maria) is her personal assistant. Andrea also has a brother called Adrian that is a doctor and lives in Miami. Besides of her acting career, Andrea has developed also a singing career in which she has sang the theme songs of her telenovelas and has released 3 cds: Con Amor (1987), Te Amo (1989) and El Amor (1994). She has studied in "La santa union de los sagrados corazones", and also in "Nuestra senora de la misericordia". In 1998 she studied "directing for film & tv and the business of film" in New York University.
About her love life: Andrea has had 4 boyfriends. Her first love was the singer and actor Jose Luis (Silvestre). Later she had dated Raul de la Torre, a big director, for about 6 years. After that relation she met Jeffrey Sachs, an american business man. They have been together close to 3 years until they broke up. Andrea has had a hard time with this break up. In the year 2000 she met 40-year-old business man Ricardo Biasotti. She got pregnant and although they broke up Andrea decided to keep on with her pregnancy by her self. On the 15 of November 2000 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Anna (after Andrea's grandmother).

In 2001 Andrea starred in the hit comedy "The soda vender of my life", which won the best telecomedy award at the Martin Fierro Awards. Andrea won best comic actress as well. In 2005 Andrea returend to the clasic telenovela with "Save me Maria", which was shot in San Luis. Andrea's las work was in the comedy "Pompeya's Gladiatores", which lasted only 24 episodes. These days Andrea is starting a new role - producing, and is currently working on some projects.